A next generation
therapeutics company

Turning biological insights
from human genetics into
new medicines

We use huge biological datasets, human genetics, and programmable biology to power novel target discovery and development. Our dedicated team of physicians, biologists, chemists, data scientists, and drug developers is working hard to discover a new generation of therapies for patients in need.

Leveraging experiments
of nature

Human genetics provides a robust mechanism for improving the success rate of pharmaceutical discovery and development. All of us are born with a collection of genetic variants that can affect the function or expression of genes and proteins. By combining genetic data with health information from millions of individuals, we can learn about the role of genes and proteins in health and disease and find opportunities for novel therapeutic interventions.

Machine-assisted human

Our Precision Insights Platform was purpose-built for target discovery. By combining expert data curation, customized data models and proprietary algorithms, the platform enables our scientists to systematically generate, interrogate, and prioritize high-confidence therapeutic hypotheses. Our platform is built upon vast amounts of data from thousands of studies and millions of individuals, one of the largest datasets of its kind in the world.

Translating targets through
programmable biology

The journey from therapeutic hypothesis to therapeutic target begins with experimental validation in our labs. These experiments help us understand the mechanism by which genetic variation impacts disease risk and provide insights about how a therapeutic modality could be programmed to mimic or interfere with that mechanism. By combining internal expertise with a network of partners and collaborators, we aim to pair each novel target with its optimal translational approach.


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